Science Can Change The World

All over this planet thousands of gifted men and women dedicate their lives to the believe that their innovation, their idea someday can change the world. Their journey is a lonely one, often filled with obstacles, struggle and failure.

...:: "Science Can Change The World" is a short film tribute to the unsung heroes of science by innovation company DSM.

More than 7 billion people inhabit this earth. All with the same need for health, security and the same desire for comfort and happiness. But the earth's natural resources are running out. We don't have enough left to fuel the machine anymore. Our desire for a better life has backfired and is slowly destroying the world we live in. Our need for change has brought our human world to the edge of existence.

We have to believe that through innovation and bright ideas we will be able to reshape the world to fit the needs of billions without further exhausting our nature. This is not optional. This is where we have brought ourselves. Now it's time for the bright minds to stand up and fight for the believe that the world isn't better off without us.

DSM is an innovation company. And even though you can't buy any of their products, this is the moment for them to show who they are, because they have something far bigger to sell; an idea, that everyone within the company believes in; Science can change and ultimately save our world.