The Yakult Lady

The best brand stories are most often found within a company itself. This was no exception. When our friends at Yakult Europe asked us to develop a new narrative for them, we started researching Yakult's heritage. We stumbled upon the phenomenon of The Yakult Ladies, which is still a big part of everyday culture in Asia, and a perfect illustration of everything the company stands for. This insight sparked the idea for a short film about Yukie, a Yakult Lady, who did the same thing every day... but was unaware of the lives she touched along the way. 

Veterans For Gun Reform

We came together with a group of military veterans to create a Public Service Announcement that calls for stricter gun laws in the United States. It stars military veterans of all genders, ages, ethnicities and military backgrounds. Their message is clear: “We carried the M4/M16, we know its power first hand, and there is no reason it should be for sale in this country.”

The Truth is in the Details

Jeans are at the heart of what we wear. Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, they’ve become a uniform of life. Jason Denham is a jeanmaker, who has dedicated his life to crafting the perfect jeans. Like a Michelin-star chef he hand picks his ingredients – harnesses groundbreaking techniques - minutely studies tradition - but most of all obsesses over the tiniest of details. In this short documentary he will - for the first time ever - share some of his best kept secrets.

The Dyneema Project

When a scientist accidentally discovered world's lightest and strongest fibre in 1963, he couldn't have imagined that it would change the world. This incredible ‘superhero' fibre has been used to create ultra strong ropes, bulletproof vests, Formula 1 seat belts, America’s Cup yacht sails and even medical kits. Now, after years of development the fibre is ready to be incorporated in fabrics- and will undoubtedly change the future of sportswear and apparel.