We are obsessive storytellers with a compulsion to make content. We simply cannot help ourselves. But we can help you, because we love nothing more than to create a story for your brand. We’ll do so with manic attention to detail, insatiable appetite for originality and above all relentless devotion to your audience.


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Stories are told about your organization whether you create them yourself or not.
— Anne Loehr


A good story doesn’t start with a 40-page-deck, nor does it start with a banner ad campaign, mega billboards or social influencers. A good story starts with one sentence.

One universal truth.

What defines your company? What sums up everything that your brand stands for? What is your proof of relevance in this world, why should we care about your company? What makes you deserve your spot in the market? Find this one true sentence and everything else will flow from it. It’s the foundation of any film, campaign and that’s why we take the process of finding it very serious.


here's an example

When DSM (a Dutch multinational) asked us to create a story for their company, we spent weeks talking to their employees on every level, in every division, we listened to their stories and what we found became the foundation for a incredibly successful campaign based on their shared belief... their universal truth: “Science Can Change The World.”


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Not your typical production company.

Mike is an independent scalable production department that works directly with brands as well as their advertising agencies to outsource the execution of all their production needs. Your production determines how and when we engage our network of talented individuals who specialise in making great stuff come to life. 

As a director-neutral company, there are no limits to Mike's roster of directors -- we have a reputation for discovering new up-and-coming talent, as well as attract the most distinguished names in the industry.

We work to brief, whether that means there is existing creative to be executed or produced from scratch right to the final product and upload to broadcast.

proudly produced

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Mike started in one of the smallest countries in the world and has now expanded to one of the biggest ones on our globe. What started with us servicing our clients with their production needs in the US has now turned into a new passion for Mike.

We offer European clients and agencies full-service line production in the US and vice versa. Not only taking away the time zone difference but we give you clear insight into the sometimes seemingly overwhelming US production rigmarole and access to the best locations, crews & catering in both LA & Europe.